Shoelace vs AdRoll: 3 Reviews of The Top Shopify Retargeting Apps

Looking for a breakdown on Shoelace vs. AdRoll and the other top Shopify retargeting app? Look no further!

Looking for a comparison between Shoelace vs Adroll and other top Shopify retargeting apps?

If so you’ve come to the right place!

This week on Shopify App Showdown, we’ll be taking a deep dive into all of the facebook retargeting apps for Shopify!

Shopify App Showdown is a series where we uncover all of the great tools you can use to grow your Shopify business!

Let’s begin!

Shopify Retargeting Apps involved in this breakdown are:

There are a number of Shopify apps that help Shopify merchants create and automate retargeting ads.

For those unfamiliar, Retargeting refers to the act of displaying ads to website visitors (and other warm audiences) to attract repeat visitors and drive more conversions.

The apps included in this breakdown are:

  • Adroll
  • Turbo Retargeting
  • Shoelace

We will review each app based on different pro’s, con’s, features, reviews, and pricing.

Let’s explore!


Adroll Dashboard

Started in 2007, Adroll set out to simplify retargeting across the web. They recently made this list by releasing a Shopify app, despite having a focus on serving larger enterprises.


  • Retarget across web and Facebook.
  • Powerful Analytics


  • Coding set-up required
  • Expensive
  • Difficult to learn
  • Outdated; uses confusing & old marketing terms like adgroup, etc.
  • The trial requires a credit-card


Recent user reviews of their Shopify app:

AdRoll review – poor support.
AdRoll review – effective tool
AdRoll review – poor support two.


Like most companies serving larger enterprises, they don’t have pricing on their website. Although you can get started with their app immediately, their onboarding (and pricing discovery) requires calls and meetings with their sales team.

It appears their pricing is based on a CPM model with a range of $1- $2.50 according to their GetApp page but we are unable to confirm this information at the moment. 

Turbo Retargeting:

Turbo Retargeting Home Page

Started in 2018, this San Francisco based startup is determined to help small businesses accelerate growth and achieve more with great marketing. Their Shopify app has been in the app store for a few months and offers campaign templates and smart suggestions to create and optimize Facebook & Instagram ads in just a few clicks.


  • Easy to use campaign templates
  • Smart suggestions for account optimization
  • 24/5 live customer support with actual marketing specialists, not support agents.


  • Only available for Shopify stores at the moment.
  • Slightly biased blog posts 😉


Recent reviews of Turbo Retargeting:

Turbo Review – Best support you can have
Turbo Review – Quality app & service
Turbo Review – Great app & support


With prices starting as low as $9/mo, they are geared towards working with small businesses of all sizes who want to maximize ROI and reach maximum performance.


Turbo Retargeting is best for growing e-commerce businesses who want maximum ROI and are serious about campaign performance.


Shoelace Home Page

This Toronto based startup initially set out to create a network of marketers who could share audiences with each other. After pivoting a few times and going through the startup accelerator 500 startups, they ended up with an SMS based app that aims to automate retargeting for Shopify stores.


  • Lots of automation
  • Text-based application


  • Generic campaigns
  • Limited functionality, average performance.
  • Customers commonly complain about Facebook account getting banned


Recent screenshots of reviews from their Shopify app. 

Shoelace review – user getting account banned by Facebook
Shoelace review – good app
Shoelace review –  automatically shutting of good campaigns


Prices range from $49-$299/mo. Pricing appears to be decided by the amount of ad spend an account has.

Shoelace vs Adroll vs Turbo Retargeting

Depending on your level of expertise and what you’re trying to achieve, all of these tools may be worth exploring.

If you’re already expert advertiser and eager to learn new tools, Adroll or native tools may be worth exploring.

If you know a little about marketing and want the guidance and actionable in-app suggestions to truly maximize ROI, Tubo Retargeting is what you’re looking for.

Finally, if you aren’t concerned much about performance but just want retargeting ads to run, Shoelace may be worth reviewing as it’s “fully automated” but comes with performance downsides.

Your turn

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