Best Free AdSpy Tool for Facebook - Turbo Ad Finder

With a very easy installment, only ads on facebook news feed,you’ll be able to find profitable products, perfect for droppshipping and marketing professionals.

Totally Free

Turbo Ad Finder is a free tool and will never charge in the future.

Easy Installment

No complicated settings, just one click to use.

Over 30K Users

Since the first release in 2018, been trusted by over 30K users.

About our software

Automatically get all ads you need

Want to spy on your competitors ads? By scrolling on your facebook news feed, you can find trending products, ads for similar products, competitor’s ads and ads inspirations.

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Why Choose Us

Automatically saves all ads you see

When you hunt an ad that belongs to your interest you can add it to your favorite items list by one click on the favorite button, later on you can find and supervise all your collected/favorite ads from the collected ads page


We have heard great user experience

Mila McSabbu


It was awesome tools for new dropshipper, you will find winning products for your shopify store.

Damian Mendoza


It is very easy to use and perfectly suits the use case. Give me great ideas on Ad Copy.

John Doe


Great tools, works perfectly, some little bugs, but let’s not cry about it, after all it’s a free tool.