7 Ecommerce Facebook Ad Examples (and why they work)

So you’re looking for some ecommerce Facebook ad examples? Well, you’ve come to the right place! But you don’t need to be a Shopify store or ecommerce store to find value in these examples!

So you’re looking for some ecommerce facebook ad examples? Well, you’ve come to the right place! But you don’t need to be a Shopify store or ecommerce store to find value in these examples. We’ll cover some of the top Facebook ad examples along with WHY they work, and a few other goodies! Here’s the plan…


  • Our experience with ecommerce facebook ads examples
  • What makes ecommerce facebook ads successful (get more sales)?
  • 7 ecommerce facebook ad examples ( and why they work )
  • The ultimate tool for finding more e-commerce Facebook ad examples

Our experience with e-commerce Facebook ads examples?

So I felt it our experience on this topic may be worthy to note. As some of you may know, we have an ad agency, marketing platform, and free tools all related to Facebook advertising for e-commerce. To keep it simple, we have a LOT of experience (and exclusive data). From spending millions of dollars in Facebook ads, do crunching data on hundreds of millions of Facebook ad examples, we know what works. So, if that sounds interesting and you want to hear what we have to say and share, continue reading (and subscribe to our blog for more data-rich tutorials and content that you won’t find anywhere else).

What makes ecommerce facebook ads successful (get more sales)?

Before we dive into the e-commerce facebook ad examples, I wanted to highlight the three key areas that make Facebook ads successful ( and generate more sales ).

It comes down to the ads targeting, creative, offer!

Targeting: Make sure you do your research, understand you are trying to reach, and target your best audiences in Facebook.

Creative: The creative in your ad HAS to be efficient at stopping the customer (from scrolling past), compelling enough to continue reading, watching, etc. and spark the curiosity/interest to click through to learn more!

Offer: Your offer (promo, sale, etc.) must grab the users, and interest them enough to buy. Much easier said than done? Yes, I know.

If you can be effective in these three areas, your ads will be successful! In the next section, we’ll show some ads that were successful in these areas!

7 Ecommerce Facebook ad examples ( and why they work )

1) Tall Video Ad Example by FunBoxMonthly

This subscription box dominated the newsfeed with this beautiful tall video ad!

Do you notice how tall the video is?

It nearly takes up the entire screen on mobile. And don’t get it twisted – that’s by design!

Here’s else what this ad stand out!

Creative / Visual – The use of tall images/video is not common in Facebook. As you can see, it takes up the whole screen of the viewer, therefore limiting distractions and reaching more people. The swiping animation also is a great visual to showcase the product!

Value Proposition – $70 worth of skate gear for only ~ $21 per month. That’s only one sentence but know you know exactly what the sell.

Call-To-Action – “Join now and get a FREE gift” is a strong call-to-action language. And offer ending soon creates a sense of urgency so I would be encouraged to take the deal right away.  

Great job to whoever created this ad!

2.  Collection Facebook Ad Example by Brouqet

Collection Facebook Ad Example

This gifting company (for men) stood out and tells the perfect story for their holiday promo!

The Creative / Visual – The ad includes beautiful, high-quality images of the gift crates. These images speak to the attention of anyone shopping for gifts during the holiday season.

Value Proposition – Talking about the hottest gifts for men makes the most people curious to learn more about the products offered, and what exactly are the hottest gifts!

Call-To-Action – The ad description starts off strong with a question. It entices the customers to get these “awesome” and “unforgettable” gifts for the men in my life.

Lessons to be learned here for anyone that promotes products during the holiday season!

3. Carousel ad example by GoodnessMe

Carousel Ad Example

The Creative / Visual – The images used in this carousel has a consistent design that makes the ad cohesive while staying on brand.

Value Proposition – There’s the use of a testimonial from one of their customers that summarizes the benefits of buying the product. Also, the carousel ad shows you which products you expect to receive.

Call-To-Action – CTA encourages you to join thousands of happy and healthy foodies and to ‘Learn More’ about the products GoodnessMe Box offer.

4. Album ad Example by BuffBoxx

Album Ad Example

The album ad is an uncommon ad format that was used to perfection by Buffboxx!

The Creative / Visual – Standing out is key in marketing. And this creative does just that! But it also gives a good idea of what to expect from purchasing the offer and includes beautiful, well-lit photos in the process

Value Proposition – It has a value proposition list in the copy itself with a 30% OFF promo.

Call-To-Action – The use of Hurry! Limited Supply encourages the customers to take action now before it’s too late.

5. Holiday Facebook Ad Example by Carnivore Club

Holiday Facebook Ad Example

The Creative/ Visual – The use of the red and green colors makes the consumers know that the deal is for the holidays. It also uses clear typography to draw attention to the details of the offer.

Value Proposition – It has a clear value, 15% off during the holidays. The code is in the ad description with a clear promise of delivery if ordered before December 13th.

Call-To-Action – I know I have to order before December 13th, so I would be encouraged to purchase right away.

6. User Generated Content (UGC) Facebook Ad Example by Buffboxx

User-generated content is a great way to connect with customers on a personal level. Buffboxx did a great job at that with this unboxing style ad!

Creative / Visual – This insanely tall video engages more customers on mobile devices and grabs more attention! Not only the format, but the video content itself was great too. It’s a high-quality unboxing video, showing what to expect from the subscription box.

Value Proposition – Nothing more straightforward than an ad description that enumerates all the value from purchasing the product. The emojis are a nice touch to keep things more readable, too!

Call-To-Action – It’s telling me to join thousands of fitness enthusiasts, making me aspire to be one. Not only is there social proof blended into this, but it feels like you are getting something much greater than a product. You’re getting the desired outcome (of becoming a fitness enthusiast or becoming fit).

6. Canvas Facebook Ad Example by a Shopify store

Carousel facebook ad example

The Creative / Visual – It’s clear, simple, and straight to the point. Nothing confusing that diverts the attention of the viewer.

Value Proposition – It already shows you what you get when you avail of the box.

Call-To-Action – This brand sparks the curiosity of the customers with the CTA ‘Click to see what’s inside.’ Then, inside the canvas, the ‘get the box’ button is pinned at the bottom of the screen for easy access to the Shopify website.

Make sure to take notes from this and always remember, your ad copy should focus on getting them to the next step of the purchase journey.

One click at a time, right? 😉

Free tools for finding more e-commerce Facebook ad examples

If you want to find more Shopify facebook ad examples, facebook ad examples for ecommerce, or Facebook ads for fashion brands and clothing brands, check out the Turbo Ad Gallery. There are TONS of ad examples! Note, some availability may be limited depending on when you are reading this.


These ads are all great examples of Facebook ads for e-commerce.

Make sure you pay close attention to each aspect of these ads as their all carefully crafted. Remember to use beautiful creatives, carefully crafted value propositions (ad copy) and clear call-to-actions!

Let us know what topics you want to see on the blog next and Happy advertising!